Arrow Fancast Dceu


The Green Arrow Movie Fancast i made.

Directed by: Gareth Evans my reasoning for picking Gareth was because of his great work with grity action films like, Raid one and Two with some of the best action sequences in movie history. So i believe Gareth can bring us the world of the Emerald Archer with a very cool grity action adventure.

Story: When Malcom Murrleyn Puts a bounty on the head of Oliver Queen at the amount of 100 Million dollars Sportsmaster and Chessire Jump to answer the bell. After Retiring due to Roy Harpers death The Green Arrow must dust off his Bow and Arrow and take on the two Assassins while trying to avoid rust and training his new apprentice Artemis. But  there seems to be more to Artemis and her past.


-Josh Hartnett as Oliver Queen- Now this pick when i posted it was widely criticized by many of people, but i believe my reasoning was very strong Josh has always been a great actor now when you think of Oliver Queen you imagine Someone of the playboy type. But what if i was to tell you that Josh could play that to a T, Check out Lucky Number Sleven where he plays this Clueless character at the wrong place at the wrong time only to find out he is secretly a Hitman raised by one. Green arrow is the same thing Oliver being a businessman but secretly runs around at night as the Hooded Vigilante, Josh could bring a level of ruthlessness and aggression and a bit of smoothness to the role.

-Chloe Grace Moretz as Artemis- Hit Girl need i say more??? Chloe would easily crush the role of the kid archer and protege of the Green Arrow her role as Hit Girl in the hit movie Kick ass showed her range as not only an adorable innocent high school girl but also a butt kicking vigilante, are you seeing the similarity? She would be dropping her guns and knives for a Bow and Arrow.

Ray Stevenson as Sportsmaster- Since i first saw Sportsmaster on Young Justice i always knew Ray would be perfect for the role. His performance in Punisher Warzone showed me that doing this role would be a cake walk for Ray, Sportsmaster being pretty much a hitman without a conscience and father to Artemis and Chessire you would need someone who could handle the action as a hitman and deliver the coldness with ease.

Jamie Chung as Chessire- It took me a long time to find someone i thought was perfect for the role of chessire and i finally found someone none other then the beautiful Jamie Chung her work on such things like Man with the iron fist, Sucker Punch and the show Once Upon a Time showed me she could not only handle the coldness of Chessire but also the action. Jamie could play the protective big sister to Chloes Artemis and also pull off the great action we know the Assassin Chessire can bring.

Lee Pace as Malcom Murrleyn- Wow Talk about born with a purpose Lee Pace was born to be Malcom Murrleyn  is as close to perfect as possible, To be Malcom you need someone who can be a Polar opposite of Oliver. My casting for Lee Pace was mainly because i could see him as someone who could be the outstanding business man with a grudge against the Queens some who could be ruthless and a gentleman when needed.



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