Batman vs Superman Ultimate Edition Review


As someone who got to see this movie a week before it actually came out  the first time i saw it in theaters i was beyond excited for the first time ever seeing Batman, Superman and even Wonder woman teaming up on the big screen ok so lets start from the beginning. So it starts with us seeing yet again Bruce Waynes origin with his parents dying, the way they did it was how all origins should be very quick and to the point next we see Bruce Landing in Metropolis during the battle of Superman and Zod. I thought the integration of Bruce saving people during Supermans huge battle was perfect the visuals were insane, i also loved how we got to see how Bruces hate for Superman Started. Then we go to the desert where Lois and Jimmy Olsen are being somewhat interrogated, that scene to me was so out of place for so many reasons one being how do you kill off jimmy freakin olsen????But that is not even the biggest issue i had my biggest problem was how did superman know lois was there let alone in trouble that to me seemed to convenient, it didnt flow or even make sense at the time why that scene existed some would say it was to help lex paint superman in a negative light but i feel as though you could have done that scene alot better.To me the scene with Batman and the police officers was one of the most underrated scenes of the entire movie it was ripped right out of the classic Dark knight Returns animated film and it spoke volumes for how scary Batman is within Gotham he is like a Ghost to Cops and a Nightmare to criminals and that scene captured both greatly, also the Bat branding was pure genius the branding was to let other prisoners that batman was sentencing you to death. Now some criticized Zack for going the route of Batman killing but im with that idea because this is a man who has been Batman for over twenty years and lost so much including a Robin so i can see how he was driven over the edge, but we now know that he turned back to the batman we know and love at the end of the movie. Id say something this movie sorely lacked was properly representing Superman in this movie we see superman seen as a monster to the people, Clark questioning his purpose and then dying for people to become beloved again  that to me was not the way to go i would have had batman come off as the monster to then later be seen as the hero only because Superman is widely known as the ultimate boy scout so for him to question his purpose and put in a negative light was not the way to go. But this movie tried to do way to much in one shot and ended up making this movie  less about Superman and Batman and more about the birth of the justice league. Lastly let us discuss the final battle of Batman vs Superman and The Trinity vs Doomsday, First up Batman v Superman the match up that was hyped to be the battle of all battles but instead of getting an epic battle we got a teaser. i thought the action aspect of the movie was genius of batman having his toys occupy superman only to bring out the kryptonite to aid him in taking this “Alien” out for good i loved how shocked Superman was when the kryptonite hit him and he went to hit batman and was blocked as Batman began his attack and even made superman bleed from his mouth. Now where i began to hate this scene was when Bruce had Superman Pinned down with a Kryptonite Spear in his hand ready for the final blow Superman in his last attempt for reasoning with Bruce says ” Martha” and all of sudden send Batman into a trans remembering his father say his mothers name as he died now some will say it was emotionally sound how that tied together because Clarks moms name is martha also, but to me it was an easy out for Snyder to get Batman and Superman on the same page for the actual final battle. And now to discuss the final battle, Starting with Batman saving Superman’s mother in what i feel is hands down the best action sequence in a superhero movie the action was spot on from batmans hand to hand combat to his use of gadgets the fight scene was very brutal and intense and just how Batmans fight scenes should have always been. Then we go to Superman confronting lex to tell him his mother is safe and his plan failed, but lex had something up his sleeve none other then Doomsday!!!! And so it begins Superman vs Doomsday which was everything i was hoping it would be chaotic and visually beautiful we even see the presidnet authorize a bomb to be shot at at doomsday in attempt to stop him but in result hurts superman and only further strengthens Doomsday, so while superman is out of commission we see none other then Batman try his luck at taking out doomsday only to be shot down and when doomsday went in for the final blow BOOM in lands Wonder Woman!!!! And boy did she bring the noise in her battle with doomsday as we then see Superman take from the sun to heal himself, He then leaps into battle to team up with WonderWoman and Batman to unite the trinity a battle that went back and forth till Superman grabs the Kryptonite Spear and lunges towards doomsday to stop him once and for all but doomsday takes his bone claw arm and stabs superman which ultimately both their weapons killed each other. The movie ends with the death of Superman as the world over mourns for their fallen hero and Bruce tells Diana that its time they find others like them to help for what may be coming and vows to do right by superman in death where he failed him while he was living. This movie Ultimately was visulay stunning as all Snyder movies are but lakced a good story with horrible pacing, all in all Batman v Superman Ultimate edition gets a 7.5/10 but luckily for us Justice League will be the movie B v S was not.


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