Dc Four Part Crossover event(Supergirl,Flash,Arrow, Legends of tomorrow)

the-cw-legends-of-tomorrow-arrow-the-flash-supergirlWhere do i start???? CW has been a Superhero show guru for years now dominating with Arrow then making Flash and so on. This week we got our first look at the teams of Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of tomorrow team up for a mega four part crossover, and sadly it seemed very underwhelming Supergirl started off the week with an episode that was very driven by her own storyline instead of molding the start of the crossover. Now dont get me wrong the episode was very good we got to see Lena luthor help take down her mother, Karas adoptted mom help cure John and Mon el, we also got to see kara take down cyborg superman so the episode was good but not how you start off a crossover especially saving the acknowledgment of it for the last five minutes of the show.  What amazed me was how each show except for Flash and Legends were mainly driven off of its own show, now you may think how is it you loved but hated the crossover?? Well that is very easy as a whole this crossover was very incomplete but its individual episodes were great it did not live up to what it was being advertised as for example i understand that Supergirl was in its midseason finale so that is why her episode had to cater to her more then the actual crossover but for Arrow to make it all about Oliver and him making peace with everything he has lost could have been used for an Arrow episode that wasnt apart of the crossover. All in all i would give this crossover a 8.5/10.


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