Best Superhero Movie of 2016


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2016 Was a huge huge year for all things superhero especially its movies i mean from Deadpool, to Civilwar, Batman vs Superman, Suicide Squad, Dr strange, X-men Apocalypse but this discussion is for what movie was the best of the year 2016. Now all these movies had their highs and lows Lets start with Deadpool, Now this rated r fest of love killing and enough curse words to send Steve rogers into shock, this movie was bigger then anyone could have imagined becoming the highest grossing rated r movie in history had everything you would want from the fourth wall breaker and this film did not disappoint it had the comedy and action you would expect but still couldnt make it the best superhero movie of the year due to it being way too talky for me the action wasn’t as good as i had hoped and certain scenes seemed too convenient. Next is Batman v Superman the much anticipated movie rebounding from Man of steel and man was this movies theatrical release bad, from the final third trailer to the actual finished product, this movie did have great visuals and even better fight scenes this movie had great moments but not enough to be the best superhero movie of the year. Now on to  X-men apocalypse and wow was that movie a snore fest that movie had interesting moments but nothing that really stuck with me it started to drag its self along after awhile, now the cast to me was actually golden and does not get enough credit they were not what was wrong with this movie the script and pace was horrible. I know your thinking how can the cast not be the issue if the movie is bad well its like if your playing basketball and two of your top players get thirty points each but you still lose the problem came from everyone else, in this as the problem came from everything else the director and script writing, so that movie definitely is not my top pick. On to Dr Strange wow visually that movie is on par with inception the way they did that movie and Stranges origin was perfect they didn’t harp on certain things to much and i loved that we did not get the typical love interest plot most movies take it was refreshing to see that we didnt have to worry about that. now my only issue with this movie was the action was limited and it seemed to pace slowly  now i loved this movie but unfortunately i can only pick one movie as the best. it all comes down to  Suicide Squad and Captain America Civil War. Now this is really really tough for me because both were so great in my opinion and as much as this hurts me to say it comes down to which movie had less flaws and that Movie i pick as my top movie for 2016 is none other then Captain America Civil War as much as i wanted to pic Suicide Squad it had one too many flaws for me i didnt like their choice for the main villain and the humor to me was very dry.Allow me to fully explain the issues i had This team created by Amanda Waller only two of them were actual Meta humans so you have this super natural Baddy going against five humans and two meta humans??? This movie to me would have been  alot better if they went with Slade Wilson as the big bad or the joker someone that would have been more believable, with all that being said the movie is very entertaining but if i had to find something wrong that would be it and for those reasons that is why i picked Captain America Civil War as the best superhero movie in 2016. This movie had to me no flaws it paced well and has an amazing cast story and action packed. The way they were able to bring in the avengers and still make it a Captain America story was brilliant and the fight scenes with the two teams was epic. This movie is my Pick for the best superhero movie of the year.


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