Dctvu vs Dceu

img_3527I am a firm believer that if one person in the group does well everyone does well but i do not think this is a luxury DC can afford to have. Since Arrow has debuted on the cw years ago we have seen that dc has the ability to make something of substance outside of animated movies and batman films, Arrow was such a gritty hard hitting show that gave chills and the feels all at the same time. They followed that up with The Flash with such a all star cast lead by Grant Gustin and then expanded with Supergirl and Legends of tomrrow Cw has built a very established and respected tv universe. Meanwhile over at Dceu Zack Snyder has been slowly but surely trying to build an established shared universe but so far atleast from the critics has all but fallen short lets go down the list and see what he has done and how it fairs against the dctvu. We start off with Man of Steel starring Henry Cavil who was a great Superman he brought a new swag to Superman, Zack did a phenomenal job directing this movie bringing us a new feel to the world of superman a darker more realistic tone like nothing we have ever seen before. Visually it was stunning he was able to bring a heavier tone to such a warm hearted hero but then it was followed by possibly one of the most underwhelming Superhero movies in history with Batman v Superman. Which did indeed give us the greatest Batman we have ever seen on the big screen with Ben Affleck with some of the most hard hitting action scenes we have seen in a superhero movie let alone a batman film ever, but with all that Bat goodness came other let downs one being Superman seemed to take a decline from his break out Man of steel movie now some will say it was to further establish Batfleck but id like to go deeper i think he was thrown to the side because they were doing way to much in this movie with setting up Justice League. Our next film is Suicide Squad which on paper should have been easily a classic film but also followed Batman v Superman with being underwhelming and at some points confusing. One being giving us a throw away villain like enchantress with a story that seemed at times lopsided. But in the end it seems like Dceu still has horses in this race with Wonder Woman and Justice League coming out this year, these two movie could be the hot start they have been looking for, but if all else fails atleast dc still has some of the best Superhero shows on Television.



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